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Mental health tips for busy people

Welcome to the first official Self-Care Spotlight blog post! Let's cut to the chase. How many times have you looked up mental health resources and you're directed to a mile long page with a whole bunch of jargon you didn't need to read?

WELL, it's happened to me and with my attention span... it was impossible to extract what I actually needed from those super lengthy blog posts/articles.

So, I created @selfcarespotlight on Instagram to make mental health tips short, accessible, and creative. It took off and people resonated with short infographics that were straight to the point. Of course, you can only fit so much into an Instagram square so that brings us here: this blog will provide additional information on @selfcarespotlight posts. While additional information means longer posts - I'm ensuring that all posts remain accessible and SIMPLE to read for all audiences.

Thank you for being here!

☺ x Steph @selfcarespotlight

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