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let's talk about mental health.

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About SCS

About Self-Care Spotlight

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Meet the Creator 
Stephanie Zito, M.Ed.

Hi everyone! I'm Steph, a mental health advocate and doctoral student. Learn more about me:

Explore Free Mental Health Resources

Note: Instagram and online support should never replace therapy/professional support. 

Big Things
Coming Soon!

Exciting news coming soon.


Crisis Help Lines

Online mental health resources should never be a replacement for therapy or crisis intervention services. If you or someone around you is in distress, please contact emergency services or the resources listed below based on your geographical region (more coming soon).

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Self-Care Spotlight Story

Recovery wasn’t easy. I fell down a lot and I had to pull myself back up. But now I know that PTSD isn’t a life sentence. I want you all to know that too. I don’t have the same nightmares I used to before and I’m not afraid of things and people. My trauma will never go away but the PTSD is slowly fading. PTSD almost took my life but I was more powerful than it and so are you.

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